Would you like to be owner of a coffee shop?

To decide is in your hands- we can take care about the rest for you! The consumption of the precious commodities, such as tea and coffee is rising constantly- why not to seize the opportunity and take your own part in it?

Rossum Cafe is the first step to your success in the world of gastronomy. It is the progress, dose of visionary, success in profitability and uniqueness of serving hot beverages without an operator, which makes our barista attractive. We bring the future of gastronomy with a product in a timeless design. Rossum Cafe system is a great solution for wide variety of places where a continuous operation is required, such as airports, restaurants, hotels, cafes, grocery stores, but also as a service to your employees.

Variable design

Fully customizable design of the kiosk, used colors and materials. Each device is manufactured with an attention to detail. The end user can observe the whole beverage preparation like never before. The space of 1.5 meter between dispensing points guarantee a safe distance for two customers ordering in the same time.

Support and service

Thanks to the device connection to Cloud, we can easily provide a remote technical support as well as prediction of raw material shortage.

Why Rossum Cafe robotic barista?

A revolutionary business model and timeless design. Robotic arm and full automation for minimization of production costs, elimination of losses and precise control of time spent on ordering and drink preparation. 100% quality and product consistency among all our baristas!

Are you interested in Rossum Cafe robotic barista?

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