Our products were created in a responsible way

Our company considers sustainability to be a key to our future. That is why we strive to ensure that all our steps lead to more environmentally friendly solutions.
We believe, that minimization of our footprint on the planet is an indicator of progressive mindset. All, even seemingly insignificant actions can lead to a great impact on the environment around us. The first step is always in our hands! Protecting the environment and respect for the people we work with is our number one priority.


Tea, premium coffee and delicious cocoa that we offer are a product of organic farming. What does organic farming mean? The teas, coffee and cocoa which you can find at our barista have been grown in an organic cultivation conditions without use of chemical fertilizers and other synthetic plant protection products. This all contributes to the protection of land and climate. Soil is more fertile; quality of crops is better, and the profits of farmer are higher.


Syrups, used in our drinks, made from natural ingredients from all around the world, are products of sustainable agriculture. We are proud to offer you exceptional flavors, which were created without addition of artificial aromas, sweeteners, dyes and preservatives.


Our cups and all packaging materials are biodegradable. There is no single plastic you will take away from our barista with your drink. This way, each of us can contribute to the protection of the environment!